Brought to you from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, The Cannabis Review provides its readers with an inside look into the city’s infamous legalized weed. We want to bring these reviews to new marijuana users, tourists, and connoisseurs alike. This site represents our own personal opinions and reviews of the quality of the weed, cannabis products, hash, and coffeeshops of Amsterdam. We are a brand new blog and we will be posting reviews as reviews become available. As a rule of thumb, a new strain review or two should be up every 1-3 days, so check back regularly as we grow. Please check out The Smokers Guide, a great resource for weed reviews as well. Remember to subscribe!


The Cannabis Review


Yellow Cab

17 October 2008

.:Yellow Cab:.

Strain: Yellow Cab (Sativa-Indica Hybrid)

Where: Grey Area

When: 17 October, 2008

Cost: 8,50/Gram

Look: Our first reaction upon examining this strain is something like, “Wow, this bud is noticeably covered in white/yellow THC crystals.” This plant also has a lot of light and dark green leaves clustered together. Lots of orange hairs as well. Also, occasional clustered nodules of THC crystals.

Smell: A sharp and slightly spicy aroma. Heavy citrus and plumb overtones as well.

Taste: The taste is not very strong, which was surprising considering the smell and that we’d rolled it in a “reverse joint” in order to accentuate the flavor. The flavor we did get was interesting though: it tasted earthy and woody on the intake and faded to something like sugar cookies on breathing out. A very smooth smoke indeed.

Effect: You begin to smoke the weed. After 4 or 5 tokes, you forget about time completely and simply focus on the activity of smoking. Once you’re done, you sit back in your chair and take a big breath. You open your eyes wide and notice that everything is bright and flashing yet smooth and comfortable. You feel overcome with a wave of relaxed happiness and feel like your life is going pretty well. You find yourself rambling on about nonsense you think. For example, when I smoked it, I felt completely connected to nature. Very powerful stuff indeed. It takes you on a mental, physical, visual, and emotional trip that begins gently and eventually blossoms into a full blown, epic experience.

Conclusions: The Grey Area is at the top of our list for the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It is run by two Americans, both of whom bring a fresh slice of that peculiar weed culture found in the U.S. You can actually get eighths here, by the way. They sometimes give it to you in a traditional American eighth bag and seal it up. You can buy an eighth of Yellow Cab for 28 euros. We bought 5 grams for 40. It’s definitely worth it. If we were going to smoke only one strain here at the Cannabis Review, it would be this one. It provides every possible effect marijuana can possibly provide. A perfect regular smoke for people who like a strain with subtle, complex, relaxing, exciting, and powerful effects.

Rating: 5/5

Stella Blue Haze

17 October 2008

.:Stella Blue haze:.

Strain: Stella Blue Haze

Where: Anyday

When: 16 October, 2008

Cost: 10,50 Euro/Gram

Look: This strain is simply covered in thc crystals and brilliant orange hairs that are sticking perfectly upright. We took a closeup picture of it that revealed a glittering cover of crystals. You can see that picture here. One look at this strain tells you it will be good, strong, and trippy. Woohoo!

Smell: A very sweet smell, but a delicate undertone of spiciness is not to go unnoticed. There is also a strong hint of mold or mildew.

Taste: Out of the many weeds strains we’ve tried from Amsterdam, this one has perhaps the most peculiar taste. It is very indistinct, but it tastes slightly of sweet mildew. Maybe also a hint of blueberry. No surprise, it’s just like it smells.

Effect: The effects of this strain are both potent and enjoyable. It’s not like some stronger strains that you smoke and just feel completely “zonked out.” This one is definitely strong, but it’s much more of a relaxing, creative high. The effects of this strain take a while to kick in. At first we weren’t sure if it would be any good. But after about five minutes, we knew we had struck a gold mine. Your head begins to feel like it’s expanding, your body feels relaxed and at ease, you find yourself becoming extremely focused on interesting thoughts, the world looks smooth and surreal, and suddenly you find you’ve completely lost track of time.

Conclusions: This strain is a firm sativa. It is strong and trippy but still is fun and relaxing. It’s fair to say that you could also use this strain to make work more interesting. We managed to do a lot of work on the blog while high on this one. Also interesting to note is that this is one of the strains that Anyday coffeeshop supervises themselves. It is also 100% organic bioweed. Sitting at 10,50 euro, this strain feels more like a 12 or 13 euro weed. It will definitely be sampled again by the Cannabis Review.

Rating: 4.3/5